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A long time ago, people would come to a wedding with a small sweet bread and place it on a tray. At the reception, the bride and groom would kiss over the the tower of sweet cakes. If they caused the pile of cakes to tumble, the marriage would be unsteady. If they did not unsettle the cakes, the marriage would be solid. The French decided to help the marriage be stable by holding the cakes together with frosting. This evolved into the tiered wedding cake as we know it today.

Weddings are becoming more creative, wedding cakes are following suit. Modern brides are customizing wedding traditions to suit their individual styles, and their cakes are one of the most popular avenues of self expression. One of the trends in wedding cakes are using different shapes and different heights of layers, sometime mixing and matching in one cake, achieving unique presentation unlike the traditional vertical tower.

We have tried and tested an idea where cake making can be simpler for novice and professional, getting away from plastic parts and pieces that never fit. We created this NEW 'no fuss, no mess' reusable metal cake stand that's fast and easy to use. Remember, you don't want the cake to tumble!